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Everyone has questions when it comes to moving, here are some we hear most frequently….

Remember if you are still unclear or have another question, our office is only a phone call away!


Is it too early to have a quote? +

It always pays to have a quote early. Things can get very busy at certain time of the year and conveyancing can be fast or slow. If you have a quote you are happy with ready, then we can act on it quickly. It also gives you time to check that you don’t have any questions.

I don't know my removals date yet, what can I do to book with you? +

We won’t take any bookings until you do have a firm fixed date. However our office staff are happy to keep checking the works diary and advising you on availability. We will also pencil you in (which keeps you on our radar) but will not officially hold it. Basically, we do not like to take any money from you until we know that we can honour your job, but are happy to advise at every stage.

I leave items in my chest of drawers and bedside tables? +

As long as there are no breakable items, we can remove these goods full. If the furnishings are too heavy the team will remove the drawers for loading and unloading (so long as they are removable).

Is there anything that you don't take? +

We cannot take paint, gas bottles or livestock (please see terms and conditions for a full list).

My house is full of empty boxes. Can you take them back? +

We will periodically come and collect boxes, although our removals have to take priority. If you want boxes picked up, email or phone the office and your details will be taken.