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Packing and Storing Fine Art

Packing and Storing Fine Art

Apr 21st 2017

Thank you to the owner of unit 2** for showing us our item of the day!

This interesting painting of post war Southampton, shows the effort made to regenerate the city centre in the 1960’s. It would be a good investment piece as it will have permeant local interest.

Tips for storing fine art

1.Protectively wrap your picture with layers of bubble wrap. Scrunched packing paper can also act as a good padding layer in between, but avoid this getting up close to the canvas as it would be abrasive against the surface of the paint.

Bubblewrap and packing paper can be purchased at The Box Room packing supply shop, at our depot in Hedge End.

2. If you painting is going to be traveling a distance, exported, or is particularly valuable, a purpose built crate is recommended. This is something Bishops Waltham Removals can arrange. Please ask Barry for a quote.

3. Self storage is the ideal location for fine art to be kept, it is temperature controlled and dark, conditions ideal for preservation. There is no risk of contamination from pests.

4 Make sure the indemnity cover for the unit is set to reflect the insurance value of the painting – an insurance value for art is usually for the cost of replacement as opposed to the purchase price. An independent Valuer can give you this and we can offer indemnity cover at £1 per thousand per week. In storage the risk of damage from human accident is reduced, therefore insurance is cheaper, making it a more cost effective long term strategy for storing your investment.

5. Rest assured the Box Rooms state of the art security, means your painting is far safer than at home.

Contact The Box Room Team for more advice or quotes for removals or storage  01489 787005



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