Storage service in Partnership with The Box Room


We have a containerised storage facility which can accommodate over 150 pallets. This is the most cost effective solution for longer term storage. You can access goods here still, if you give us notice. We particularly recommend this for those who have an onward move as the containers can be forklifted back on to the lorry and unloaded, so your goods are handled less.

We also have a self storage warehouse with individual rooms. This is close to the M27 and Hedge Ends retail parks, making it a very convenient place.

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A home visit from one of our experienced Surveyors

Our friendly surveyors are happy to come round and estimate your storage requirements and to give you facts and figures. Contact us today.

Longterm Storage

Containerised storage is the most popular long term choice and the most cost effective. Goods can be loaded by our men and an inventory taken, so you can remember what is where.

Expert room stacking

Our removals team can bring your goods into store. Whether they are going in containers or accessible self storage: they will maximise use of the space, to make sure you are only paying for what you need.

Short term and longterm storage

We can split your goods across the two types of storage if required. You would then be able to come and go as you pleased accessing your short term goods. Longterm goods can also be accessed with a bit of notice.

Decluttering prior to a move?

Many people like to declutter in advance of a move to create a more minimalist look. We can bring small loads into store in advance of a move. We can also offer a packing service. 

Storage whilst you purchase

It is very commonplace now to rent whilst you look to purchase. We can store your goods in the meantime.

Secure convenient facility

Our self storage facility is situated close to the M27 and Hedge Ends busy retail area. This makes it a very convenient place to access goods on a regular basis.