Our Comprehensive Security Enusures the Safety of Your Property

We have over 25 years experience caring for thousands of customer’s goods. The safety and security of your goods whilst in transit is our upmost priority.

Access Control System

Our access control system ensures that only people with allocated PIN numbers can access the unit. You simply use the key pad when entering the main entrance. Our software controls all access points and alarms and reports every entry to the Box Room.

Watch the video to learn more.


Our premises are covered by CCTV which runs 24 hours a day and feeds directly to our offices.

We operate close circuit television throughout the facility, as a means of crime prevention and in the unlikely event of a crime, to record it as evidence for the police and courts.

CCTV footage is kept for a limited time period only. Please email us for more details about your rights to CCTV images.

Vehicles Locked

All our vehicles are locked away in secure locations overnight.

Vehicle Trackers

All Box Room and Bishops Waltham Removals vehicles are monitored by online tracking, meaning at any given minute we know where your goods are.


Protected Store

The premises are protected 24/7 by Redcare Security Monitoring for fire and intruder detection. In the event of any out of hours incident, our staff will be alerted and the emergency services called out.

Outside CCTV

All vehicle activity at our depots is recorded via CCTV.

Secure facilities

If you have self storage. Your room will be locked with your own padlock. Only you will have access to your belongings unless otherwise requested. You will also have a unique key code to activate and de-activate your alarm.

Containerised Storage

If your goods are being stored in containers. They are safely forklifted into our secure facility and are not accessible without our staff opening up and forklifting them out again.