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Review Websites for Bishops Waltham Removals – How to find a trusted mover

Review Websites for Bishops Waltham Removals – How to find a trusted mover

Mar 22nd 2019

When considering a removals firm to help you move house, the past experiences of other customers are understandably of great interest. A particularly good or bad review may influence your judgement and how comfortable you feel in contracting a service, or indeed dealing with the staff.

At Bishops Waltham Removals we send a follow up card to everyone we have moved, asking them for feedback on the job. These are displayed in files in our offices and are available to see on request. Whilst a few people do not respond, we do file all the responses in there: the good and the bad. We are comfortable doing this and still showing them: as the good vastly outweighs the bad.

It is also always worth having a look at some review sites around the web.

However, as Marketing Manager for BWR I can advise you that these are of differing quality. Here is my review of the reviews! ….

  1. Google reviews – this is the site we have most often received reviews on in recent years. Reviews are easily accessible and link to a persons google account. However there can be instances where fraudulent reviews are posted on here, and google is a great corporate entity where it is incredibly difficult to get assistance with removing these or verifying that they do reflect a real job.
  2. Really Moving – this site is a forum for finding decent removals companies from Bishops Waltham, Eastleigh, Romsey, Fareham, Locks Heath, Warsash, Chandlers Ford, Winchester, Southampton, Alton, Hampshire and far beyond. Each review is linked to a definite real job on their system that occurred with us. It is therefore verified and you can be certain it is a genuine job. They have an ombudsman service and they expect certain standards from Removals companies, so it is an effective way of vetting firms.
  3. Facebook – again this is a very personal way of leaving a review with direct links to a customer’s profile. I would therefore say that the review also bears an influence on the reputation of the reviewer and it is likely to be pretty accurate and honest.

There are also various other sites that allow third parties to leave reviews, however from our experience there are none that stand out as particularly reliable.

It is also worth contacting the office if a service mentioned in a review interests you – if we have done it once we can do it again!

Also if anything is of concern be assured we can discuss what we learnt from the mistake, or talk about preventative strategies to avoid things going wrong on a busy move. Simple tips like walking around the house with the driver at the end of the load, can avoid small items being left behind. In my honest experience, a large number of initial concerns about lost items are resolved after a few phone calls and a few calm days to unpack and get a new house straight.

Finally,  if you are looking for a good local company, we are happy to put you in direct contact with some of our past customers who said that they will vouch for our service. It is always worth doing the extra research for peace of mind. The safe transportation of your furniture, chattels, personal, sentimental and family goods is a big responsibility and one we do not undertake lightly.

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